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Ramadan: Why Muslims rank among poorest

The Deputy Secretary General, Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Prof. Salisu Shehu, has said that Muslims are living in abject poverty and rank among the world poorest because the rich among them are stingy and unwilling to give out of their wealth to the needy.

Shehu, who is also the Dean, School of Continuing Education, Bayero University Kano (BUK) said this yesterday in Abuja at the 2018/1439 annual National Unity Ramadan lecture organised by Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society of Nigeria themed: “Fast, Feed and Be Just”.

“Part of the wisdom of fasting is to encourage the rich to take care of the poor by making the rich appreciates the suffering of the poor, by experiencing hunger and thirst, instilling compassion and mercy in the hearts of the affluent.

“All spectacular description of Iman, Taqwa, Birr and Ihsan (righteousness and piety) and being companion of paradise contain giving, feeding; and all spectacular descriptions and condemnations of infidelity, companions of hell include the fact that they are wicked as they do not feed nor give to help,” Shehu said.

The Director and Chief Imam of the National Chief Imam of the Al-Habibiyya Islamic Society, Sheik Fuad Adeyemi said they organised the event to address challenges facing the nation.

“We have peculiar challenge in Nigeria and it is our duty as Muslims to see the challenge of the country as our own challenge. We discovered that the main problem that is confronting us now is the problem of corruption. That is why we chose the theme to address this challenge facing our nation”.

The Chairman of the event and a former Lagos State Military Administrator, Brig-Gen. Buba Marwa (rtd) said insurgent group plaguing the North-East had existed over 25 years ago in Borno State before it metamorphosed to the current Boko Haram.

“Boko Haram had existed over 25 years ago when I was a military administrator in Borno State. We had Boko Haram then but later it metamorphosed to different name. All the (past) governors of Borno would confirm this assertion that Boko Haram had always existed in the state,” he said.

Marwa said his administration managed the insurgents and ensured that they could not take arms to fight.

He also urged Nigerians to support President Buhari to achieve the desired goal of addressing security challenges in the country.

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